Sao Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport


The Sao Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport celebrated in 01/20/2010 25 years of operations. Throughout this period, numbers consolidated the importance of this airport complex: 285.6 million people boarded and disembarked through passengers’ terminals, with 3.6 million landing and takeoffs that transported around 8.2 million ton of cargo.

In order to meet this demand of passengers and cargo, Infraero, the corporation that manages the airport since its inauguration in 01/20/1985, plans all of the modernization and expansion processes of its infrastructure

Currently, the Guarulhos Airport operates with two terminals. There are 46 regular, cargo, and charter domestic and international airlines using 286 check-in counters.

The runway system comprises two runways, one with 3,700 meters, and the other with 3 thousand meters in length that receive, in a daily average, 650 airplanes landing and takeoff operations.

In Guarulhos, flights depart to and arrive from 27 countries and 153 national and foreign cities. To service airport users, passengers’ terminals commercial network comprises around 198 commercial points.

Infraero has, in the air cargo logistics sector, the largest logistics terminal in South America with an area of 97,8 square meters, providing reception, depalletizing, utilization, movement, and storage services for goods originated from the imports and exports sector.

Sixteen refrigerating chambers are available at the cargo environment with storage capacity of 7,6 thousand cubic meters; the automated storage system is carried out by transelevators with 17.3 thousand positions; wrappers, optical devices for bar code reading, self-propelled transfers cars,  scanners, among other equipment.

Employment generation


The airport represents, for the Municipality of Guarulhos, a development inducer generating new businesses and opportunities, in addition of been one of the major employment supply center. Around 50% of airport job positions are for professional who live in the city.

Infraero develops also a social project to provide better quality of life for the low income population living around the Guarulhos Airport. "Afinando o futuro com arte (Tuning the future with art)" is a program that offers professional capacity building, school reinforcement, cultural activities for children and youth, with the purpose of providing opportunities for labor market insertion. In addition, youngsters learn music and they participate in an orchestra composed by violins, violas, cellos, and bass.

The labor market of Guarulhos airport community comprises around 1,700 service rendering firms that employ 28.2 thousand professionals in total, who work on a shift basis during the airport 24 working hours.
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