Joinville-Lauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport


Joinville - Lauro Carneiro de Loyola Airport is one of the largest in the South Region. It is located in Santa Catarina largest city, acknowledge as Industrial Pole. It is located 13 km from downtown, 75 km from the airport, 110 km from Curitiba Airport, and 163 km from Florianopolis Airport, and it operates 20 daily commercial flights. Users’ profiles are mostly executives, entrepreneurial, and events tourists.

Current passenger terminal, inaugurated in March 8, 2004, has 4,000 m² and capacity to service up to 500,000 passengers per year. At the same time, administration building and the control tower were built.

It has 12 check-in positions and automated system for flights information with LCD screens, a panoramic terrace that provides comfort and accessibility for its users. The airport was suited to the air-shopping concept, diversifying its services supply with restaurant, cafeteria, candy shop, crafts, newsstand, car rentals, and tourism agencies, among others. The number of shops increased from 8 to 22 with a 40% increase in jobs positions generated by the airport.

The airport received, in December 2009, recommendation from the Falcao Bauer Quality Institute for ISSO 9001 certification. Operational and administrative procedures meet international quality standards since the auditing team recommended the airport to be certified in administration and operational sector. Operational management, cargo logistics, commercial, tariff service and airport revenue charges, as well as air navigation were evaluated.
Infraero foresees, in partnership with the Municipality and SC State Government, completion in 2011 of studies to undertake expansion of runway, aircrafts ground area, taxiways, and complementary infrastructure implementation at the terminal.

It is foreseen, for 2011, ILS (Instrument Landing System) implementation at the Joinville Airport, which will favor several sectors of the city, particularly the tourism sector by reducing the number of cancelled flight due to bad weather conditions. The installation of the equipment will be very important for tourist and economic development of the city of Joinville and region, since it will increase around 40% the number of landings and takeoffs.

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