Florianopolis International Airport


Florianopolis - Hercilio Luz International Airport ranks as the country’s 14th in traffic and it is in the list of those that receive more charter flights during the summer. Due to its geographical location excellent meteorological conditions, the airport records a high operational rated throughout the time, above 99%. This situation, in addition to favor landing and takeoff operations, makes it as the major alternative for airlines when the need to alternate flights due to unfavorable weather conditions in other runways.  

The culture and the beautiful tourist spots of Santa Catarina capital inspired the artist Almir Tirelli, from the state of Maranhao, to create the largest artisan tapestries in Brazil for the Florianopolis Airport. The three pieces with 36 square meters in total are exhibited at the airport lobby and they portray the Island and its crafts made by Azorean immigrants in scenes where fishnets manufacture, embroidery and other manual activities got vivid colors and movement.

Three commemorative plates are exhibited also in it that refer to the terminal inauguration in 1976, 2nd stage of works in 1988, and homage to Santa Catarina’s poet, Crus e Sousa.

In the international disembarkation area one finds a wonderful stained-glass window with scenery portraying the towns of Blumenau and Camboriu Beach, and a panel by artis Djalma Urban in the domestic boarding area.
Current passenger terminal became modest for the growth of Florianopolis. Therefore, the city will get a new airport with capacity to receive 2.7 million passengers /year.

Florianopolis International Airport new passenger terminal will have 35,817m² and the capacity to service 2.7 million passengers annually. The aircrafts ground area will have 12 positions for wide body airplanes. There will be five boarding bridges in it for passengers’ facility. In order to speed up landing and takeoff operations, a new taxiways system will be built.

The new passenger terminal, designed in the Air Shopping concept, will have several trade and services options. In forecasted 64 trading points, banking branches, food plaza, a wide parking lot with 1,800 parking slots and a trade mix targeted to meet users’ need will be implanted.

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