Belo Horizonte Airport


Best known as Pampulha Airport, currently it has the name of Belo Horizonte / Pampulha – MG - Carlos Drummond de Andrade Airport in honor of the famous poet due to Federal Law No. 11,002 of 12/16/2004.
The airport is a major link of the domestic aviation targeted to general and regional aviation segments, with flights connecting Belo Horizonte to several destination in the interior of the State of Minas Gerais and neighboring states. Currently, it outstands as a major maintenance center for executive, small and medium size with fixed wings and rotational (helicopters).
It is established within an area of two million square meters, in Pampulha region, distant 8 km from downtown. Passenger terminal has, in its 4.5 thousand square meters, restaurant, fast food shop, newsstand, car rental firms, and banking services.
The Bagatelle Plaza, frontal to Passenger Terminal, was adopted by INFRAERO that, in partnership with the Municipality, maintains a pleasant environment, preserves its characteristics, offering user one more beautiful resting space.
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