Vitoria - Eurico de Aguiar Salles Airport


Vitoria Airport is located in the continental area of the Municipality of Vitoria, close to the municipal boundaries with the Municipality of Serra. It operates several flights between the Capital of Espirito Santo and the capitals in the Southeast, Northeast, and South regions. It has a cargo terminal that undertakes two international cargo flights weekly. It is located in an airport site area just over 5.4 million square meters. The passenger terminal has air-conditioned, with a constructed area of 4,000 m², pre-boarding lounge, 25 check-in counters, and boarding and disembarkation lounges. In the aircrafts parking area, implementation of new positions improved the airport operation.

Currently, it counts with six positions for large size aircrafts and seven for small and medium size airplanes; Vitoria is on the 35 airports of Infraero’s network counting on an international cargo terminal. Since 1999, a direct international cargo line from the USA (Miami) to Vitoria is operational, facilitating imports of good to local market. Two weekly flights operate now in this route. In 2009, over 2.3 million passengers circulated in Vitoria airport.

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